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The Toyota Fortuner is a great companion if you are looking for a comfortable way to explore Namibia. This vehicle offers great reliability, efficiency and is also renowned for its driving ability on tough road conditions.

If you are planning on driving for longer distances the Toyota Fortuner is a great choice. You can comfortably drive for several hours while enjoying the incredible landscapes in comfort and style.

Most Namibian car hire companies offer the Toyota Fortuner as a more premium option of which they know that it will guarantee you an enjoyable rental experience.

Included services

Free airport transfer

Available with collection and drop-off from the airport.

Unlimited kilometers

Unlimited kilometers available with your 4x4 rental.

24/7 assistance

All offers come with a 24/7 roadside assistance.

One-way rental

Available with one-way rental options from various providers.


The Toyota Fortuner 4×4 stands out as a premium choice for any tours through Namibia. Both guided and self-drive tours love this vehicle because of the convenience and comfort it offers when exploring the country.

This vehicle’s provides a modern design and is available in either a 2.4-liter or a more powerful 2.8-liter diesel engine. Both options will give you enough power to ensure a smooth journey across various terrains.

All vehicles come with essential features like air conditioning, radio, an alarm system, and power steering. In addition, this model normally also includes Bluetooth connectivity, speaker phone, rear aircon, and more to make your journey even more comfortable.


Passengers:  4
Doors:  5
Transmission:  Automatic, Manual
Consumption:  10-13 liters / 100 km
Engine capacity:  2.4 or 2.8-liter


Power steering
Cruise control
ABS brakes


Depending on the rental company you choose, the Toyota Fortuner 4×4 comes with different insurance options. You can choose between Standard Cover, Reduced Excess Insurance or Premium Cover (all inclusive) options.

Note that no insurance covers negligence. Driving responsibly and with care at all times will make sure that you are covered in case something does go wrong.

Insurance options

Standard Cover option
Reduced Excess option
Premium Cover option


All vehicle options are well equipped for taking on the toughest roads in Namibia. Most offers come with standard equipment that includes one or two spare wheels, a tow rope, jumper cables, a jack and a 12V compressor.

Note that most options of renting a Toyota Fortuner in Namibia do not include the option of camping equipment. However, there are offers that include a Toyota Fortuner with roof tent. You may also consider looking at the various other camping options available.

Equipment options

Tow rope
Jumper cable


Welcome to the Toyota Fortuner Experience

The Toyota Fortuner 4×4 is a practical and reliable choice for navigating both city streets and Namibia’s off-road trails. This SUV provides plenty of comfort and style while being well suited for long trips and even rugged and diverse terrains.

The Toyota Fortuner offers Reliable Performance on Various Terrains

The Fortuner’s design suits Namibia’s varied environments. From smooth city roads to challenging off-road paths, it provides a dependable drive without compromising on comfort.

Key Features of the Toyota Fortuner

Safety and Comfort

Safety is a key focus, with features like airbags and ABS brakes. The interior, featuring air conditioning and comfortable seating, is designed for longer journeys, ensuring a pleasant driving experience.

Off-Road Capability

The Fortuner is equipped with a 4WD system and has high ground clearance, making it suitable for gravel roads and rough terrains. This combination ensures a smooth ride in various outdoor conditions.

Spacious and Practical

The SUV offers ample space, accommodating families or groups comfortably. Its cargo area is large enough for luggage and outdoor equipment, adding to its practicality for travel and adventure.

Enhancing Your Travel Experience

Family and Group Travel

The Toyota Fortuner is an ideal choice for group or family travel. Its seating capacity comfortably accommodates up to seven passengers, making it perfect for shared journeys. The spacious interior ensures everyone can relax and enjoy the trip together.

Additional Features for Added Convenience

Additional features such as GPS navigation and a high-quality sound system make the Fortuner more than just a mode of transport. These features enhance the overall travel experience, ensuring convenience and enjoyment on every journey.

Practical Considerations

Comparison to Other Vehicles

Compared to other SUVs, the Fortuner stands out for its balanced combination of luxury, space, and off-road capability. It’s a versatile choice that caters to a wide range of travel needs and preferences.

Pros and Cons of the Toyota Fortuner


  • Versatile for both city and off-road travel.
  • Spacious interior.
  • Advanced safety features.
  • Suitable for group travel.


  • Higher rental and fuel costs compared to smaller vehicles.
  • Size may be cumbersome in tight city spaces.
  • Has fewer options available with camping equipment.

Concluding Thoughts

The Toyota Fortuner is an excellent vehicle for exploring Namibia. Whether you’re traveling as a family, a group, or even solo, the Fortuner offers a balanced mix of comfort, safety, and versatility, making it a top choice for an unforgettable journey.